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Geo Fencing allows parents or fleet managers to be updated on vehicles’ comings and goings. The F800PRO will send a push notification through the THINKWARE CLOUD mobile app if a vehicle enters or exits a pre-selected geographic zone. The radius of the zone can be set easily by simply tapping on the Google Maps display and selecting the desired radius, from 100m all the way up to 600km. Users can set up to 20 different geo fences.

Driving Impact Notification

In the event of a crash, the Deep Impact feature can help the driver to notify others of an emergency situation when the driver is not in the condition to do so. Concerned parties can then remotely check on the situation wherever they are.

When the car experiences an impact with a g-force level greater than 3g or 4g while driving, the dash cam will automatically send a push notification alert to all concerned parties logged in to the THINKWARE CLOUD app on their smartphone.

A 20 seconds video of the incident (10 seconds before and after) is also saved on the THINKWARE CLOUD server, and a push notification alert of the video is sent to the concerned parties, which can be viewed and downloaded from the app.

Parking Surveillance Mode*

*Requires Hardwiring Cable and professional installation

Super Night Vision 2.0

Captures superb videos in low-light conditions with minimal noise and excellent exposure control thanks to THINKWARE’s exclusive video processing technology and the Sony STARVIS image sensor.

Super Night Vision 2.0 Features

By taking advantage of new image processing technology optimized for Parking Surveillance, the dash cam excels in low-light conditions with reduced noise.

Time Lapse

Records footage at a lower frame rate to cover a longer period of surveillance and reduce video file size.

Time Lapse Features

With Time Lapse, the dash cam can sustain longer operational period while reducing video file size, allowing a longer coverage in Parking Surveillance Mode.

Impact Detection

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Impact Detection Features

Monitor any impact to the vehicle while it is parked to catch any hit-and-run driver in the act while you are away

Motion Detection

Captures events detected by motion such as potential vandalism attempts.

Motion Detection Features

Monitor and capture any motion around the vehicle for potential vandalism attempts.

Energy Saving Mode

Extends coverage duration exponentially by keeping the dash cam in a power-saving mode during inactivity.

Energy Saving Mode Features

Energy saving parking recording will reduce power consumption by 1/3 less and gives 3x longer video recording than normal parking mode. When you are away for a vacation or leaving your car for quite some time, energy saving parking recording is a recommended solution. When in use, F800PRO will go to sleep and soon after an impact has been detection by built-in G-senor, F800PRO will wake up within a second and start recording for next 20 seconds of period.

Parking Surveillance Mode*

*Requires Hardwiring Cable and professional installation

Video Quality

THINKWARE Dash Cams capture everything from the ordinary to the spectacular.

Starvis OffStarvis On
View AngleWide View Angle
Super Night Vision OffSuper Night Vision On

Mobile Viewer

A new way to connect your Dash Cam.

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What's in The Box


• Resolution Front – 1080p Full HD, Rear – 1080p Full HD [Optional]

• Camera : Front – 2.13MP Sony Exmor STARVIS, Rear – 2.13MP Sony Exmor STARVIS [Optional]

• Frame Rate : 30 fps

• Viewing Angle : 140° (Diagonal)

• Dimensions(WxDxH) : 4.2 x 1.3 X 2.4 inch

• Weight : 107.5g (0.237 lb)

• Storage Temperature :   -4°~ 158°F / -20°~ 70°C

• Operating Temperature :   14°~ 140°F / -10°~ 60°C

• Capacity :   MicroSD card 32/64/128GB (UHS-I)

 Input Power :  DC 12/24V, Built-in Super Capacitor

What's in The Box